Big Thinker

Are you a big thinker?

Daniel Matin

Are you a big thinker?

Everybody was waiting passionately about the meeting. The company wanted to introduce the best sales representative to them. He had sold 25 thousand dollars by his own, but the average of his co-workers was about 5 thousand dollars. What was the key to his success that he sold 5 times more than the others?


The magic of thinking big

This is a part of “The magic of thinking big” book by Dr. David J. Schwartz, a book which makes us think about ourselves one more time.

Accordingly, the marketing manager tells everyone: “look at Harry with accuracy. Is he smart 5 times more than you? The test results show that he has a normal IQ!

Did he work hard 5 times more than you? As the records say he has been on the vacation more than most of you.

And then he raises his voice: Was he working on a more thriving area than you or did his area has more customers than you? The answer was no!

So did he has a better physical condition or a better college degree and education? The answer was still no!

Everybody wanted to know the answer.
The marketing manager giggles: “He just thinks 5 times bigger than you. that’s it!”


Actually, nobody can live a life bigger than their limits. If we have limitations in the size of a lake, swimming in the ocean is just a legend. Thinking big makes a meaningful different even in our business.

Try to be a big thinker.

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