When beggars know the neuromarketing techniques!

Daniel Matin


When beggars know the neuromarketing techniques!

It was years ago when I was searching for neuromarketing information for my thesis, and I stumbled upon articles about neuromarketing and anchor price. I searched on Amazon website to find a reference book, and I found professor Leon Zurawicki’s book which looked very comprehensive.

I wanted to order it, but it was about 150 dollars. The highest price I had paid until that day was 40 dollars and I really didn’t want to spend that amount of money. There was a tempting sound in my head telling me to download the pdf of the book but there was no useful like even on the 500th page of google search. I totally forgot it until someday I was in Enghelab street and I found the translated version of the book and I felt so proud about being in Iran for a second.(because that was the original one and it wasn’t an illegal copy)



Days after that I was walking in Elahiyeh avenue and I saw something interesting. A beggar was standing outside of a chicken shop, and he was asking the people who were entering the store to buy him just one chicken for the sake of his 4 little babies. Nobody paid attention to him, but they put 0.5 or 1$ in his hands. I was curious about it, why is he doing this?! I came to him and asked: do you know the price of a chicken? He said yes. I told him: you know that they don’t trust you to give you 10$. He said: I know! But when I say I want to buy a chicken they will give me with at least with 0.5 or 1$ somehow. Then I said to myself: really he knows about  Anchor Pricing Strategies!

Anchor Pricing Strategies is one of the neuromarketing tricks. Suppose the price of gas is 1$ and the government says it will cost 2$ from next month. Everyone is worried about the new price. They say this fee will produce inflation and a thousand stories. During this month people’s minds get used to two dollars. That means Anchor Price is rising in the minds. In the meanwhile and a Superman in the Parliament says that we do not want the price to rise above one and a half dollars. Now everyone supports him, and the price of one and a half dollars is much cheaper than two dollars, and everyone is happy with this new price, and Finally, it will cost one and a half dollars for no trouble. Many pricing strategies play with the minds of the audience.

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