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Content Marketing, Inbox 120, please get off my back!

Daniel Matin

Content Marketing, Inbox 120, please get off my back!

Today, when I opened my E-mail, a lot of unread emails made me feel bad.

Other social networks like WhatsApp and Telegram had a worse situation as well.

Thousands of unread messages!

Controlling these messages from everywhere is an unpleasant task. It seems content marketing is going out of standard!

Many years ago, people were buying advertisements. Seeing promotional items was attractive. Later, they became so saturated, and they came to a point where they did not pay attention to free advertising! Disgust from advertising was apparent!

content marketing

content marketing

You’ve probably heard Mark Schaefer and his comments about content shock. He has an interesting story about content consumption. Around 1920 people consumed about 2 hours of content daily. By 2015, consumption has risen by more than 12 hours per day! An interesting point is the limitations of human capacity in content consumption. According to forecasts, the content of the web will be 500 times by the next five years! But does the capacity of content consumers reach 500 times? Absolutely no. Human capacity with current physical conditions is not capable of absorbing, digesting and managing all of these content and will inevitably lead them to selective behavior.

Some also mistakenly think I mean producing great content! Rich content is saturated as well. Content alone is not a king if it does not reach the audience and is not consumed. Even it is not a doorman, let alone a king!

What do we do now? Stop generating content?! big no …

But you have to make money as soon as possible. In the not too distant future, you just have to spend money on your content. You should stop dreaming and earn money faster. Do not have enough advertising budgets; you’ll be eliminated from any aspect of the business. One day, you will give the audience some money or any tempting offers to persuade them at least see your content. The period that getting easily rich by a free seminar or gift has passed. You should pay money to be seen.

Nowadays, in the digital marketing business, the users expect something valuable to install your free application.

Many promotional digital spaces are reserved at golden times by big companies, even in regular times you should buy them by a bidding system. The competition is breathtaking, very tight, and your content marketing won’t be seen, if you do not have enough money.

If you are not great enough, say goodbye!

Even if you think you have a particular idea, big companies quickly get the idea and run their own business without you.

In a nut shell, take the shock of content seriously. If you have an idea about a campaign, run it faster, make money sooner and become strong. Just rich firms survive.

P.S 1: Although I might be hard-pressed, it’s not bad to observe the revolution in content creation:

P.S 2: Take a look at the Content Code by Mark Schaefer. You will find many great ideas about content marketing.

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