Emotional Branding, when your brand is in my heart!

Daniel Matin

Emotional Branding, when your brand is in my heart!

You may have read “Emotional Branding” book, by Marc Gobe. Aside from interesting thing about branding by emotion, he says something shocking about CRM department.

emotional branding

Today we see a phenomenon, this simple statement that customers shout: “Where are friendship and kindness?!”. Some Brands are so narrow-minded, they don’t let themselves to think about the depth of these sentences.

I am quite certain that most companies convey this message to loyal customers: ” We feel nothing for you.”

When you do not care about your customers feeling, gradually they will lose their interest to you. A real relationship plays the main role in business today.

P.S: Marc Gobe is a designer, writer, and movie maker who works as one of the senior advisors in Coca-Cola and other great companies in emotional branding field.

We should more take care of emotional branding.

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