Getting Tough On Yourself

Getting tough on yourself! Success path

Daniel Matin

Getting tough on yourself!

The subject reminded me of one of the successful Russian officers and entrepreneur’s writings when he was working in a concentration camp of Russia (Soviet Union). He has an article about success saying that: when we had worked all day long and we were out of power and energy, we had to wash our clothes before sleep. If we complained or begged to the supervisors for a chance of not doing it, the only thing we would receive was: who cares! to hell!

Getting tough on yourself

Getting tough on yourself

He says this law companies me always and everywhere:

When you have a lot of letters to send and you are tired to the bone, who cares? to hell! Do it.

When you have to study but you are not in the mood, who cares? to hell! Study.

When you must set a program but you are invited to a party, who cares? to hell! Set it.

When you have lots of delayed stuff but you are almost asleep, who cares? to hell! …

Success is not a joke!

Of course, there is an easier scenario: Live in a fool’s paradise and at the end, you will be regretting the time you have wasted and the opportunities you haven’t used!

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