In Search Of Happiness (2)

In search of happiness!

Daniel Matin

In search of happiness!

You may have watched Phenomenon documentary. It’s mostly about direct Marketing. One of the important things it stated was “if you want to fulfill your dreams, communicate with people who have been fulfilled your dreams before and it’s something normal for them to do it again and again. It means you must not think to reach your goals is something extraordinary and it means each of us can get to that point someday.

in search of happiness (2)

in search of happiness

One day I was traveling on the subway and I asked a question from one of the salespeople around there. “What is your biggest dream?” I asked.

“I want 500 $ in my bank account” he answered.

You see? This dream is something ordinary for so many of us and it’s just like a joke, but we are still looking for happiness in next station and it is called “the dangerous game of dreams”
Maybe that’s why wealthy people donate their money in poor countries and spend it for homeless children just to make them happy!
In fact, happiness is the moments of being together, moments of laughter and moments of sympathy for each other. There is no due day.


I’d like to mention a very beautiful poem by Zhale Esfahani:
“Being happy is an art, making the other ones happy is a greater art.
Life is the only scene we can provide our art.
Everybody sings his own song and then walks away,
But the scene is everlasting

And the remained song in people’s memories is blessed.


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