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Is fast money a legend? (to become rich)

Daniel Matin

Is fast money a legend? (to become rich)

There are a lot of classic books about wealth, fortune, happiness, and luck that have strong beliefs in perseverance and effort, they say it takes a time to achieve your goals and that’s the most important factor in success category. However, there are other kinds of books that tell us: the idea communication speed is so high and there is no need to get popular and famous by passing time and waiting till you and your brand get recognized. You just need to traverse your 10 to 20 years old path in 2 years or less by thinking smart and acting wisely. If you look at this chart you will get to this point too:

To become rich fast

To become rich fast

It took 70 years for cell phones to get 50 million users. Whereas it took 3 years for the Facebook to reach this number of users and Angry Birds game came to this point just in 35 days!!

But wait! I’m not done talking!

The most important thing is that the possibility of bankruptcy has been increased too. When you earn a large amount of money in a short period you may be a little bit careless about spending it and learning how to assign your budget properly.

One of the downfalls of fast money is a lack of harmony between successful person’s personality and his wealth which leads him to show off his properties, arrogance, and intoxication of his success. Studying and thinking along with self-awareness will be useful to solve this problem.

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