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Personal brand, Being or not being? That is the question!

Daniel Matin

Personal brand, Being or not being! That is the question!

When Shakespeare wrote his tragic play, he wouldn’t imagine that the dialogues between Hamlet and his lover Ophelia will be used in marketing and personal brand someday!

Many of personal brand trainers like  Eric Deckers and Kyle Lacy Believe that you must have a coherent program for your presence and absence in social media. Having a vain and irregular presence will ruin your image and personal brand. Don’t be so missing that people forget you and don’t be apparent so that your audience gets bored!!

Kyle in his book “Branding yourself” believes it is proper to appear with a new content two days a week. There is no need for showing ourselves just to get attention. You are not about to show up for no reason! Nobody feels this presence, nobody considers you. The border between existence and absence is very delicate.

personal brand

personal brand

In English, there is a proverb “out of sight, out of mind.”

We have passed the age of communication and information, and this is the notification age. If someone uploads or shares a post in their channel, he or she knows that we receive tens and hundreds of notifications before and after his post and in the best scenario the influence of his post fades away very soon. It’s an illusion to think that customer loves us and follows us passionately!!

The most important thing is if you show up as an expert in social media it will be like working with fireplace. You throw chunks of wood one by one to keep fireplace burning. If it’s going to extinguish, you will throw another chunk. You should never add all of your wood just to have a bigger flame at the beginning. With this method, you will always have the same stable fire as the first days, and your presence will always be pleasant and lovely.

Take care of your personal brand.


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