Personal Brand

Personal Brand, The managers who do not order espresso!

Daniel Matin

Personal Brand, The managers who do not order espresso!

Days before in the airport, a classy gentleman entered the coffee shop and sat in front of me, picked up the menu and read it just like he is reading Shakespeare in an unknown language! I could obviously see the confusion consequences on his face. After a few minutes, he looked at me and said: “what the hell are these things?!” Tea is much better. Then he continued: Seriously, what is the difference between espresso and cappuccino?!”

I thought to myself: “even my granny knows the difference between them. And then I started talking to him, and I introduced him a pamphlet about different kinds of coffee and explained some of the information I had. He was curious about my occupation, then explain about his job. He told me he is the owner of a food factory and they have a great history in exporting. However, his way of talking wasn’t matched with his wealth and his social status. He asked me: “what is your career?” I answered proudly: I am kind of consultant in the field of online businesses, personal branding, content producing and marketing. He smiled again as if he does not understand any of them!

personal brand

Personal Brand

There is no doubt you will be spending lots of your time in airports, traveling places, hotels and it is an inseparable part of your life.

In many developed countries, There are etiquette and formality training courses for reach and upper-class people so that in commercial meetings or any social events they can act like professionals. While the race of getting reach has increased, the harmony between manners and wealth is one of the most significant challenges amongst the wealthy and high-status people. For a person who is stepping in the path of high earners, it’s a good idea to take a look at etiquettes, formalities, information about different drinks and clothes and these kinds of things. Therefore you don’t have to order just a bottle of water! Because the more you get busy, the less time you have for learning.

However I believe 80 percent of the personal brand is internal and it related to your dignity, self-esteem, manners, and your professional moralities.

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