Personal Branding

Personal branding and sentences like: Please look at me!

Daniel Matin

Personal branding and sentences like: Please look at me!

It is a subject that many of us spread in our social media accounts by mistake.

The elder ones remember that in the early years of social networking when it was the Kingdom of Yahoo messenger and Orkut, it was hurly-burly in chatrooms. Even if you had sent a message to one hundred people to ask them their “asl,” only one of them would answer you, and after a while, you’d realized that it’s a robot and you are fooled.

After that, I understood those profile pictures, and foolish usernames were ridiculous and useless.

When I studied the research results about effective factors of attraction in profile pictures or the reasons why men focus on some women profile pictures more than the other ones, I was amazed! However, I’m talking about normal women, not the girls who edit their photos with Photoshop and are easy to find everywhere!

I realized it is so simple to be attractive in social networking by applying some little changes, for example, it matters if you share a group picture or a single one, it matters if it’s formal or friendly and it matters if it’s athletic or artistic, etc.

I’ve read 17 or 18 books about A-Factors, and there were a lot of small factors leading to a significant cumulative effect.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding


One of the marketing and strategy giants, Jack Trout in his book “Differentiate or die” said: If you don’t have a difference from the others, you would be destroyed easily! And I want to add something to it. Being different is not enough, and it’s not a survival guarantee. You have to add value and worthiness to your work. If we don’t have worthiness to provide, it is better for us to keep quiet and get out of business. If we burn ourselves to the ground just to sell something, it might work for some people in a short period, but in the long term customers will find out that we have nothing worthy to provide and they’ll turn their back on us.

In personal branding and marketing, it is critical to care for our visual identity and the content we create and publish.

P.N. The main photo photographed by Matheus Ferrero.

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