Personal Branding

Personal Branding, I like your name!

Daniel Matin

Personal Branding, I like your name!

You have probably read Montoya’s records about branding and personal branding, and if you combine his ideas with one of the content masters, Jeff Walker, you will reach some remarkable results.

Most contents are similar to each other, and even for excellent ones, they have nothing much to tell. The only thing remains in customers minds is your brand and your name, and it leads them to decide if they are going to stay with your services and products or not.

As the records, nowadays people need H2H (human to the human relationship in comparison B2C) communication than formal offers. (At least gives to your audience, personal feeling).

personal branding

Personal branding

Companies like Mercedes Benz, Cartier, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Versace, and Armani use

their own names to build their brand. Especially in the content production business, it is you and your name that shapes your relationship with customers.

More than 92 percent of content producers all around the world send their emails with their own names. As humans have a positive feeling about their names, they feel better about Daniel Matin than my company’s name. Seeing your name instead of your companies name in the email, makes them feel you are contacting them directly and it’s a positive feeling and then they make an emotional connection with your name.

Many of content producers in recent years changed their brand name to their own name. The open rate of personal emails is much more than the other ones.

Dear friends, if you think you can change your procedure in personal branding, please keep whatever I said about it in your mind.

Do you have any similar experiences? please share.

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