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Personal Branding: What is the color of boss’s piano?

Daniel Matin

Personal Branding: What is the color of boss’s piano?

Jeff Walker, a master of information marketing, always says this in his courses which is useful for emotional branding and leads you to personal branding. He says, Once in a while in between your campaigns and articles or the information you share, put a part of your personal experience or life story for your audiences, Because people love to hear about these little personal things from the life of professors and experts in any field.

You may have read the books which talk about Increasing performance and increasing your emotional battery. There were some recommended activities such as playing a musical instrument, watering a plant and starting a particular sport. Surprisingly, if you show a little bit of these activities to your audiences, they will be charged emotionally just like you!

To tell the audience that we are human too, and we have feelings, we can share a funny story of ours, a part of our lives backstage, keeping a pet, a part of our exercise and playing an instrument can be very interesting and emotional for them.

For instance, you know a manager in the Amazon company know how to play piano, if he shares his piano playing or a part of his skill, we would be happier and more excited than the time we get offer sales or special discount!

Even it’s a good idea that managers subtly show some part of their private life to their employee which is resulted in a friendly atmosphere in a workplace.

P.S: Please don’t complain about employee’s reaction to your personal life. You should do it carefully 🙂

Personal Banding

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