Please accept my condolence on your death!

Daniel Matin

Please accept my condolence on your death!

We are really sorry to tell you that Unfortunately, we’ve found out you, the dear friend of us, will be living just for ten years. According to the researchers if you live 60 years from today on average, you are asleep for 20 years, you go to work for 20 years, and you live your normal life just for 20 years. The researchers say that half of this 20-year opportunity you are taking a shower, going to the bathroom, waiting in traffic and doing unnecessary stuff, so if you subtract it from 20 years, you just have ten straight years to live your life.

That’s why they say life is short and we must enjoy whatever we do

We only have ten years to make an impression. Imagine the last days of our lives and the way people will remember us. This idea came from Alfred Nobel for the first time, when he turned the pages of the newspaper, and he saw that France News had published his obituary. The death of Alfred’s brothers had confused the news! In the news, they named him as a murderer, the inventor of Dynamite and the person who’s responsible for the death of so many innocent people. He was shocked because of his ugly picture in other’s memories. He told himself: what a terrible legacy I will leave to humankind?! Since that day he decided to change his path, and he donated a significant part of his wealth to make peace all around the world. Nobel peace prizes have a worldwide fame.

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

In fact, We have ten years to make a beautiful picture of ourselves which we want the others to remember.

Thousands of ways to go

So many hearts to make happy

So much hatred that we should clean up from ourselves

Lots of places where we want to visit

And those dreams we have.

Our sand clock starts from this moment.

And as Hafiz says:

Candle, take your time with butterfly because he won’t be alive until sunrise.

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