Marketing Lesson

Why are mixed-races more attractive? (Marketing lesson)

Daniel Matin

Why are mixed-races more attractive?(Marketing lesson)
Almost every year beauty pageants are run by different organizations all around the world and in many countries, and the most beautiful girl is chosen during the ceremony, and it introduces to the world with weird titles. So many of these attractive girls are multiracial. One of the most important reasons for recognition of these girls is their particular differentiation. Combination of two different genes makes a special gene with an unseen image, and it is simple if it seems new and different to others. For example mix of an African gene with a European gene will create an attractive face.

Marketing Lesson

Marketing Lesson

It is similar to marketing. One of the best ways to produce a creative product is to combine 2 or more different or related factors! This combination gives birth to a beautiful child who has an attractive face, and it is new to everyone. Neuromarketing is an excellent example of it which is made by two different sciences.
We might blame ourselves for changing our field and having diffused experiences, but I believe this leads us to invent something. It is the resultant point of our life that we can use our different backgrounds to make something unprecedented. If you had only studied in the marketing field, you might be a boring university teacher with repetitive speeches. I think the reason behind your amazing and amusing ideas and talking is your knowledge about coding, developing, computer science, internet marketing, electronic, musical knowledge, etc. Also, I must say that your self-discipline and hard works are as important as those parameters. That’s why we can’t copy the other people’s ideas and systems because we have different histories too. Copying gives birth to an unblessed child who is disabled and unattractive.
Each of us has different ingredients in our baskets, and the proper combination of them makes us a genius chef.

Marketing lesson.

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